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July 2018: David Schultz was elected by the Council of the American Meteorological Society to a Fellow of the Society.

June 2018: Amethyst Johnson joins our group for a summer research project on convective indices.

May 2018: David Schultz publishes his 150th peer-reviewed journal article with Stockham et al.'s "Quantifying the rain-shadow effect: Results from the Peak District, British Isles".

April 2018: Jonathan Fairman celebrates his last day in our research group. In July, he starts as a Senior Scientist, Meteorology, at Weather Analytics, Dover, New Hampshire.

April 2018: Callum Thompson starts work at Laboratoire de l'Atmosphère et des Cyclones (a joint laboratory between CNRS, Météo-France and University of La Réunion), Saint-Denis, La Réunion.

December 2017: Bogdan Antonescu celebrates his last day at the university. In 2018, he starts a new job at the National Institute for Research and Development in Optoelectronics, Romania.

November 2017: Dr. Luis Garcia-Carreras joins the Centre for Atmospheric Science as a new lecturer.

August 2017: Anna Beukenhorst presents her research "Using smartphones for research outside clinical settings: how operating systems, app de-velopers and users determine geolocation data quality in mHealth studies" at the Medinfo 2017 conference in Hangzhou, China.

Summer 2017: Three students join us this summer: Xingran Gao who is working on research on how the Earth's axial tilt affects the climate, Carl Thomas who is working on a global climatology of fronts, and Roseanne Landon who will be investigating the synoptic climatology of banded precipitation in the US and UK.

July 2017: Ryan Sargent wins the best BSc dissertation in environmental science, cosupervised by Bogdan Antonescu.

May 2017: Declan Valters submits his PhD dissertation.

May 2017: Trevor Mitchell attends the NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed in Norman, Oklahoma.

27 April 2017: David Williams presents his poster at EGU: "Observations and modelling of a meteotsunami across the English Channel on 23rd June 2016".

April 2017: Bogdan Antonescu's paper on European tornadoes is the most read Monthly Weather Review article over the past 12 months (3043 times) compared to the number two position (1492 times).

April 2017: Miriam Apsley's and Kelsey Mulder's paper on the greatest outbreak of tornadoes in the UK is the fifth most read article in Weather and Forecasting over the past 12 months (453 times).

March 2017: Our first paper from the Cloudy With a Chance of Pain study is published: "Cloudy with a Chance of Pain: Engagement and Subsequent Attrition of Daily Data Entry in a Smartphone Pilot Study Tracking Weather, Disease Severity, and Physical Activity in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis"

March 2017: Mihaela Brancus from the University of Bucharest visits our group to model and study windstorms over eastern Europe.

29 March 2017: The third paper from the dissertation of Jesse Norris was accepted for publication.

6 March 2017: The last paper from the PRESTO project is accepted (Jonathan Fairman lead author).

2 March 2017: Callum Thompson submits his paper on the climatology of inertial instability to the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences.

9 January 2017: Sam Hardy is awarded his PhD. Congratulations, Sam!

24 November 2016: Sam Hardy defends his PhD.

4 November 2016: Şeyda Tilev-Tanriover successfully defended her PhD. Congratulations, Şeyda!

24 October 2016: Kelsey Mulder, Trevor Mitchell, and Bogdan Antonescu interviewed by Chris Dearden for the Manchester Science Festival showing and scientific critique of Twister.

October 2016: Bogdan Antonescu's paper "Tornadoes in Europe: Synthesis of the Observational Datasets" is the most-read article in Monthly Weather Review over the past 12 months.

October 2016: Modise Wiston's thesis is accepted. Congratulations, Modise!

September 2016: Jonathan Fairman's paper "Climatology of banded precipitation over the contiguous United States" is accepted at Monthly Weather Review.

September 2016: Bogdan Antonescu receives the AXA Research Foundation Photo Competition Prize.

July 2016: Chris Fairless receives his PhD (photo by Mike Turner).

July 2016: Callum Thompson speaks at the Royal Meteorological Society Student Conference on his PhD research: "Global Occurrences and Causes of Tropospheric Inertial Instability".

June 2016: Bogdan Antonescu et al. team up to publish the first synthesis of European data on tornadoes for the purpose of constructing a climatology. Now published as a Review in Monthly Weather Review: http://journals.ametsoc.org/doi/abs/10.1175/MWR-D-15-0298.1

June 2016: Miriam Apsley and Kelsey Mulder publish their study of the greatest tornado outbreak in the UK: .

May 2016: Sam Hardy submits his first paper to Monthly Weather Review from his forthcoming PhD about Tropical Storm Nadine and its influence on the September 2012 floods in the UK, focusing on the sensitivity of the storm to the ice microphysics.

May 2016: Scott Archer-Nicholls publishes his paper: "Aerosol–radiation–cloud interactions in a regional coupled model: The effects of convective parameterisation and resolution."

4 April 2016: Chris Fairless has officially graduated with his PhD.

November 2015: Collaborative work with students Abdullah Kahraman and Şeyda Tilev-Tanriover from Turkey yields two papers on severe storms in Turkey: "Severe hail climatology of Turkey" and "Lightning fatalities and injuries in Turkey".

September 2015: Bogdan Antonescu wins the Audience Award for Best Presentation at the European Conference on Severe Storms.

September 2015: We eagerly await the return of Declan Valter from his three-month summer internship at the Met Office in Satellite Applications.

August 2015: Bogdan Antonescu, with the help of former undergraduate Fiona Lomas, complete their tome Tornadoes in Europe: Synthesis of the observational datasets. It has been submitted to Monthly Weather Review for possible publication as a Review article. Read Bogdan's blog about the paper here: Blogdan

August 2015: Kelsey Mulder submitted her PhD dissertation.

June 2015: Congratulations to Jonathan Fairman for being awarded a University of Manchester Rewarding Exceptional Effort Award for his work on ManUniCast and Build Your Own Earth.

June 2015: Kelsey Mulder's research on UK tornadoes was featured in BBC, The Daily Mail, ITV, Manchester Evening News, and many others.

June 2015: Jonathan Fairman's radar-based climatology of rainfall over Great Britain and Ireland is published in Weather.

June 2015: Two new summer students will join us: Nuffield student Nathan Ridding and NERC Summer Placement student Miriam Apsley.

20 May 2015: Jesse Norris was awarded the LF Richardson Prize from the Royal Meteorological Society for his paper "Snowbands over the English Channel and Irish Sea during cold-air outbreaks" [LINK].

18 May 2015: Sam Hardy presents his work "Early Evolution of the 23–26 September 2012 UK Floods: Tropical Storm Nadine and Diabatic Heating" at the PANDOWAE Final Symposium.

5 May 2015: Chris Fairless had his PhD viva scheduled with Thomas Spengler of the University of Bergen as the external examiner.

April 2015: Şeyda Tilev Tanriover's article on lightning fatalities and injuries in Turkey is on the Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss. web page.

25 March 2015: Chris Fairless presents his research "A climatology of North Atlantic polar lows and their phase space derived from thermal wind and thermal asymmetry" at the Dynamics of Atmosphere-Ice-Ocean Interactions in the High-Latitudes Workshop in Norway.

21 March 2015: Şeyda Tilev Tanriover returns to Turkey after spending a successful year studying the severe convective storm climate of Turkey and Europe with our group.

March 2015: Katy Mulqueen's undergraduate dissertation on double-front cyclones has been published in Weather.

9 March 2015: Bogdan Antonescu travels to Parliament in London to present his poster "Tornado Risk in Europe" at SET for Britain.

8 February 2015: Cristian Muñoz Castillo joins our group from Chile.

31 January 2015: Chris Fairless submitted his PhD dissertation, "A Climatology of North Atlantic Polar Lows and Their Phase Space Derived From Thermal Wind And Thermal Asymmetry".

25 January 2015: Tim Slater defends his PhD dissertation, "Strong winds in extratropical cyclones."

Dec 2014: Kelsey Mulder's first paper from her PhD research has been published at Monthly Weather Review: "Climatology, storm morphologies, and environments of tornadoes in the British Isles: 1980-2012."

Dec 2014: Bogdan Antonescu and Sam Hardy won Best Poster Awards at the Postgraduate Research Conference. Chris Fairless won Best Oral Presentation. Congratulations!

Oct 2014: Bogdan Antonescu has his manuscript on the tornado climatology of Romania accepted for publication at Monthly Weather Review.

Oct 2014: Scott Archer-Nicholls submitted his PhD dissertation "Evaluated developments in the WRF-Chem model: Comparison with observations and evaluation of impacts".

Sept 2014: Binghuan Guo submitted her MSc dissertation "Comparisons and applications of potential temperature, moisture, equivalent potential temperature frontogenesis in the Mei-Yu season 1991-2005".

Sept 2014: Tim Slater's paper "Acceleration of near-surface strong winds in a dry, idealised extratropical cyclone" in the QJRMS is a Featured Article by the Editors (above).

Sept 2014: We welcome Callum Thompson to the research group.

August 2014: Download the new ManUniCast app for iPhone and iPad!

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